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9 Tips On How To Cut Water Weight

If you are working hard, eating a healthy diet and still find that your abs are not showing, your body is probably holding water. Water retention in the body is caused when subcutaneous fluid is stored in our cells. As a

Customized Fat Loss For Men: 2-Week Workout Program

The best and most effective way for men to lose weight is by working out in the gym. This approach is not only safe (no ingestion of harmful chemicals), but also efficient in maintaining optimal bodyweight over the long term. Nevertheless,

How To Make Your Own Weight Loss Meal Plan

Whether you want to call it dieting, losing weight, fat loss or anything else, the end result is the same: you want to build more muscle, lose more fat and have a better body definition. We all want to look leaner,

Tips On Sprint Intervals For Fat Loss

One question I frequently hear from many different people is “what is the best cardiovascular exercise for the fast burning of body fat?” My answer is typically always the same, as my own personal experiences have shown me that sprint intervals

How To Lose Weight – Lose Fat Instead

Given the escalating obesity levels among the American population, it’s hardly surprising that the problem of how to lose weight is such a burning question. In fact, the phrase is one of the top search terms on Google and other search

How I Got Rid Of My Man Boobs

I used to contemplate about committing suicide whenever I used to see my reflection in the mirror. My friends laughed at me during the rare occasions when I used to meet them. I was unable to lead a normal social life

Want To Get Rid Of Excess Body Fat? Time To Learn About Fat Burning Carbs

After having tried my hand at different ways to lose weight and remain fit, I can safely say that dieting, especially avoiding carbs, is the most painful and frustrating way of getting rid of excess fat. I prefer pushing myself to

The 4 Lies of The Biggest Loser – What NBC is Probably Editing Out

Many people believe that The Biggest Loser will teach them everything about fitness and weight loss. This is not true. This show tells you that in order to lose weight, exercise needs to be debilitating. It also tells you that the

10 Best Foods To Burn Fat

In your quest to lose weight, you might have realized that exercising alone cannot guarantee success. You need to eat right and choose foods that can help you lose the extra flab. Here is a list of best foods to burn

How To Effectively Get Rid Of Chest Fat

If there is one thing that men are most concerned about when it comes to their physical appearance, it is the presence of chest fat aka man boobs. Thousands of men who religiously hit the gym just cannot seem to figure
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