The Pros & Cons Of Crossfit

crossfitWhen I first heard about CrossFit, I was super excited, because I have always been interested in discovering exciting yet effective exercise programs. Although I enjoy working out regularly, I must admit that I get bored very easily.

If I don’t change up my routine on a regular basis, I risk the possibility of avoiding exercise simply because it becomes more of a chore. I guess this is a good thing, since our bodies are able to adapt to an exercise routine, causing it to eventually become ineffective.

CrossFit history

CrossFit was introduced as a competitive sport as well as a very effective method of attaining superior physical strength and agility. Although CrossFit came about in the mid-1990’s, it didn’t become very well known until nearly 10 years later. I discovered it in 2007 when a co-worker joined a CrossFit program near our job. She asked me to accompany her one day, and although I was extremely sore and tired afterwards, I was totally hooked. Despite the fact that I enjoy CrossFit a great deal, just like anything else, it has negative aspects in addition to the positives.

The positive aspects of CrossFit

Like I said, CrossFit is absolutely amazing. I have bad knees, but with the use of a couple of Ace bandages, I am able to perform all of the exercises without much difficulty. As a result I have lost 60 pounds and more inches off my body than I can count. My endurance has skyrocketed, and I can run up more stairs than my 2 boys can.

px90For the past 10 years or so, people have been conditioned to understand that if they want to see results with fitness and weight loss that they must work hard. Advertisements for intensive yet effective exercise programs like P90X, in addition to others, has contributed to this conditioning. Additionally, mass advertising for P90X has helped those interested in losing weight and toning their muscles to realize that they must also adhere to a healthy diet if they expect to achieve the results they desire.

It’s true, P90X is very effective. As long as people consistently adhere to the entire program, even if slight modifications are necessary due to physical challenges, results will be seen. However, CrossFit works, too. And really quite well. CrossFit tricks the muscles into burning fat, becoming toned and increasing in strength. This occurs because with CrossFit, the body is unable to predict which moves are coming next, so it burns fat like crazy. This is, of course, definitely a good thing.

When CrossFit began to spread like wildfire, the owners of gyms that offered CrossFit were in awe at the business they were getting. Since people knew they had to undergo some intense workouts in order to see quick results, many decided that CrossFit was the exercise program that they wanted to help them reach their goals.

CrossFit is a revolutionary total body exercise program that challenges the body in ways never before thought of. Despite the fact of its similarities to the P90X program, CrossFit is so much more. The sweat will start dripping off your body shortly after you begin a session, and you will be sore and tired. At the same time, you will feel really good and invigorated. You will see results a lot quicker than with other programs, because the addition of the barbells significantly accelerates all aspects toning, fat-burning, and more.

Everyone has their own opinion, and some people might even have negative things to say about CrossFit. Regardless of any negative comments that anyone might have to say, CrossFit is and always will be a phenomenon in fitness that can quickly transform your body from flabby and untoned to svelte and muscular. For people who need to lose weight, CrossFit will make weight loss effortless—provided that follow at healthy eating plan simultaneously.

The negative aspects of CrossFit

Although CrossFit is referred to as “exercise,” it’s a whole lot more than mere exercise. It’s training. It’s a lifestyle. While the programs in gym are treated exactly as they should be treated—like the competitive training sport it is—CrossFit online is another story.

Unfortunately, CrossFit is being taught by so-called coaches that aren’t giving their oblivious clients the opportunity to experience crossfit as true training. These unfortunate clients obviously desire to experience true fitness and maximum training, yet with these coaches, they will not enjoy the full experience. Before coaches are certified as CrossFit trainers, they should learn every aspect of this sports. However, some trainers are attaining their certification to teach CrossFit, yet they are actually cheating their clients out of the full effect of the crossfit training, which is quite sad. CrossFit can be truly motivating and life-changing, and in my opinion, everyone should have the opportunity to experience this intensive yet invigorating exercise/training program.

crossfit workoutAnother negative aspect of CrossFit is one that can actually be dangerous. Often some CrossFit coaches are aware of the frequency in which this master training program is downplayed. Being aware is good, but what makes the fact that CrossFit coaches who are aware that the program isn’t always taught as it should is that they attempt to fix the program by overcompensating. In their efforts to ensure that the program is taught in the proper manner, these improperly-trained coaches will often add more weight to their clients’ training sessions.

When weight-training, increasing the lifting weight too soon can result in injury. In addition, muscles that are already fatigued are unable to handle added weight until they have been given time to rest and regenerate. Unfortunately, many of these overzealous and poorly-trained coaches don’t take this fact into consideration. Clients could end up with various injuries, including muscle tears, sprains, strains, and more.

This is why it is imperative to perform your research in advance if you’re going to be starting a CrossFit training program. If you’ve never performed this exciting program before and you’re not family with the specific moves, then you need to locate a reputable CrossFit coach. Despite the many improperly-trained coaches that exist, there are numerous coaches that have been properly trained in CrossFit.

I was lucky to end up with an excellent CrossFit coach who had been performing this type of training for more than 5 years. She taught me how to do CrossFit in the proper manner, so I never experienced any of the injuries that any people sometimes do.

So keep this in mind, and if you’re interested in starting a CrossFit training program, then you need to ensure that your coach is teaching the program in a safe and optimal manner. You should also look for red flags. If a specific class is significantly cheaper than other locations, then you should find out why. It could be that the coach isn’t receiving much business because he or she has not been teaching clients the proper techniques, and people have sustained injuries.

So be careful, as you can only attain quick results if you perform CrossFit in the manner in which it was intended. So is CrossFit good for you? It most certainly is, as long as it is taught by a coach who has attained adequate training.

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