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How I Got Rid Of My Man Boobs

I used to contemplate about committing suicide whenever I used to see my reflection in the mirror. My friends laughed at me during the rare occasions when I used to meet them. I was unable to lead a normal social life

Make Your Muscles Ache Pleasurably With These Top Inner Thigh Exercises

Your inner thighs have three muscles passing through them, known as the hip adductor muscles. They begin at the pubis, then extend to the knee and inner thigh, enabling your knees and hips to rotate, extend and flex, alongside the other

Antoine Vaillant’s Insane Back Workout

In this video the Canadian bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant goes through his insanse back workout routine. Follow his hardcore workout if you wanna develop a monster size back and aesthetically pleasing physique!

Elliott Hulse: Will you lose size when you switch from a muscle building program to a strength program?

Strenght coach and philsopher Elliott Hulse answers the question if you’ll lose size when you switch from a muscle building program to a strength program. Check out the video!

How To Get Shredded By Summer

With summer rapidly approaching, you might be considering your current physique and wondering how you will look in your beach attire. Will the hotties be mesmerized by your sexy body, or will they laugh because you look ridiculous squeezed into a

Steve Cook: How To Get Huge Arms

Another great Steve Cook video with tips and pointers on how to work out to get huge arms. Follow the workout if you wanna grow your arms as much as possible! Also, make sure to check out my other post on

The 10 Best Shoulder Exercises

Are you searching for tried and tested ways to define and strengthen your shoulder delts? Certain exercises for shoulders build muscle, but some shoulder exercises are worthless.  Many bodybuilding websites claim their shoulder workouts are the best, but bodybuilders who want

The Pros & Cons Of Crossfit

When I first heard about CrossFit, I was super excited, because I have always been interested in discovering exciting yet effective exercise programs. Although I enjoy working out regularly, I must admit that I get bored very easily. If I don’t

Go From Fat To Fit with Reddit’s Guide To Fitness

Recently the fitness community on Reddit (“Fittit“) created a pretty handy infographic with tips and advice to go from fat to fit. This guide is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape and build some muscle mass at the same

Build Muscle Mass The Right Way – Avoid These 5 Mistakes

If you wanna gain serious muscle mass you should know that building muscle can be frustrating at times. Even when you eat the right foods, exercise appropriately and recuperate between your training workouts, you still find it challenging to create the
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