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3 Exercises For A Bigger Chest

A well-sculpted chest can give you an imposing physique as well as improve your overall posture. Of course, to get such a chest, you may have to put in a lot of hard work in the gym and keep your body

Fitness Goals: Why We Throw In The Towel Too Quickly

We’re well into 2015 now, and if you have long since abandoned your new year’s resolution to get in shape, I want to get to the root cause of the problem. Essentially, we will look at what didn’t go to plan,

Strengthen Your Core Muscles And Reap The Benefits

If you want to be better at virtually everything, then you need to strengthen your core muscles. When most guys head to the gym, the last thing they’re thinking about is working their abs. Most will brag about how much they

10 Reasons Why You Are Not Building Muscle

So, you’ve been hitting the gym, eating protein, and taking supplements. Unfortunately, your hard efforts just don’t seem to be paying off. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re doing something wrong, the answer is yes. Whether you’re skinny or naturally

How to Warm Up Properly Before Working Out

We all want to be physically fit and trim. This is the way to go because being trim and fit is great for your self-esteem and even better for your health. The only problem is that there is no way you

The Best Calisthenic Exercises

When most people think about exercise, thoughts of expensive workout and gym equipment come to mind. However, what most people do not realize is that gyms are not necessary to exercise; in fact, they are a very new human invention. Lack

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

If you regularly go to the gym for training, you have probably noticed that three-quarters of your fellow users are concentrating on their upper body, and neglecting their legs. You may even be one of them, but this is actually a

5 Proven Techniques For Faster Muscle Gains

Getting started with a workout is never easy. Between figuring out all your meal plans and how well you can do each exercise, many beginners are just turned off from the workouts because they have no idea how to start. The

Elliott Hulse’s 5 Principles Of Muscle Building

Elliott Hulse really knows exactly what he is talking about. In this video he talks about his 5 principles of mucle building; Volume (sets & reps) – Intensity – Rest – Tempo – Frequency. Check out his video to learn more!

Isometrics For Performance, Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

Do you often find yourself avoiding the strength workout you know you should be doing? You are not alone in this. Most people find it hard to squeeze an effective strength training routine into their hectic schedule. However, it is possible
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