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how to get veins

How To Get Veins

The best ripped arms, legs and torsos do not just display mass and definition, they also show off nice, long veins. Yes, getting ripped not only means getting the muscles, it is also about good vascularity. Not everyone gets it, but

10 Crazy Workout Fails Caught On Camera

Ah, the gym. Never a better place to find enthusiastic newbies inventing the craziest exercises. Here are 10 wacky workout fails caught on camera: 1. The Pretzel Press 2. The Split Assisted Pull-Up 3. The Skinny Leg Press 4. Spotter on Top (no
best workout to build muscle

The Best Workout To Build Muscle May Be a Split Workout

Building your muscles can be a long and time-consuming process if you focus solely on doing full body workouts each day. Many body building experts now recommend doing splits, in which you concentrate on specific sets of muscles for a shorter
low impact cardio

Low Impact Cardio for Beginners

For a person who knows he is out of shape and needs to start an exercise routine, but who has never before done so, the thought of simply starting can be more than a little intimidating. Many people truly don’t have
Skin Caliper

How to Measure Body Fat

Most people want to look and feel their best, and most believe that achieving their ideal weight is a primary key to both good looks as well as health. However this isn’t necessarily true. It is a mistake, however, for a
workout plan to build muscle

Effective Workout Plan To Build Muscle

When you embark on a journey to gain more muscle, you need to come up with a workout plan to build muscle that provides you with a balanced, yet effective way to reach your goals. Gaining muscle requires that you work
kyle leon

Everything you Need to Know About Kyle Leon

Kyle Leon, the developer of The Muscle Maximizer wasn’t always the muscle bound, fitness guru that he is now. He is now a body builder that has graced the covers of many fitness and muscle magazines. Almost everyone knows about the
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double your gains with bodyweight training
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