How To Get Massive Forearms

massive forearmsStrictly in terms of aesthetics, weak forearms can make your arms look unimpressive overall.  Yes, there are definitely a few things that you can do to hide this imbalance, like throwing on your favorite tank tops whenever you can, but it will eventually come down to you having to put in the work to get your forearms where they need to be.  After all, you can’t exactly wear sleeveless shirts in the dead of winter and still look like you’ve got it all together.

In terms of performance, whether you’re lifting weights or going about your everyday business, having strong forearms can be very beneficial.  If you learn how to get massive forearms, life will soon become a whole lot easier in a number of ways.  Having huge death claws will do you good whether you practice mixed martial arts or perform hard labor, given that you will be well-equipped for lugging lots of weight, throwing someone in a submission hold and for all out grappling.

Bearing these things in mind, following are a few strategies that are certain to beef up your forearms both in terms of their aesthetics and their overall performance.

1.  Loaded Carries

pinch gripThe most effective way to train the forearm is by maximizing time under tension and your muscle endurance.  This is something that many trainers agree on.  Fireman’s carries, farmer’s walks and other dynamic and challenging exercises like these that require isometric grip holds are going to get the job done.

Remember, you should only try to carry as much weight as you are capable of holding safely.  As you start to progress with these exercises, this will be a sign of improved grip strength.

This improvement will provide major benefits for your rows, your pull-ups with weights and your deadlift.  When using lighter weights, try switching into a pinch grip (photo) with loaded carries as well.  This means holding the weights with just your finger tips, rather than placing them snugly in the palms of your hands.

2. Do Chin-Ups And Bicep-Curls With The Hammer Grip

hammer gripWith a hammer grip (photo), your palms are going to face each other as opposed to facing towards or out from the thighs.  Use this grip for your chin-ups and bicep curls as this will really put your forearms into action.  It actually engages one of the largest muscles in the forearm; the brachioradialis.

The lesson here is very easy: get rid of your wide-grip chin-ups and your standard curls to better target this part of the arms.  Do these with your palms facing each other and feel the burn.  You can even try reversing this grip from time to time.  You will love the results.

3.  Switch Things Up For Extra Challenge

fat gripzIf you want to learn how to get massive forearms, you have to be willing to start moving outside of your comfort zone.  For instance, stop limiting yourself by only using regular dumbbells and barbells.  Trying something new!  Challenge both your grip and your forearms by using an extremely tight grip.  You have to have been in a coma if you don’t know what Fat Gripz are.

These boost up the thickness of the bar, making it necessary for you to squeeze tighter when lifting.  With a nice and fat bar, it will take a lot more effort to get a good grip and this is going to constantly challenge your grip strength.

Using these is actually one of the easiest ways to kick your grip strength up a notch and throw yourself out of the comfort zone.  This is like getting two complete workouts in one.  I like what John Gaglione has to say about it: when you’ve got a crushing grip, this will create more tension and thus, your set-up will be stable and the connection will be optimal.

4.  Get On The Strongman Plan

strongman trainingLoaded carries are perfect for building better forearm strength and aesthetics.  I don’t suggest joining a strongman competition right off the bat and attempting to break records.  But, you might be able to find some pretty tough ropes at your gym and you can use these to pull and climb.  Think about flipping tires or carrying rocks.  Rocks are hard to get a good grip on and this is also a challenge within a challenge.

If you do have access to these things, start using them to build your forearms up.  This is also going to push you out of your comfort zone so that you can start really focusing on this part of your arms like you should be.  After a good strongman workout, your hands will be fixed like claws.

Do This Mini-Workout To Finish Your Forearms Off:

After having done an amazing workout for your back, try kicking your forearms up a notch by using the following exercises to build strength and definition.  This is going to push your muscles and increase your overall endurance.  It will also make your forearms look bigger, better and more vascular than they ever have before.

3 Exercises For Massive Forearms (3 Sets Of The Entire Round)

  • Do 12 reps of hammer curls for each arm
  • Hit your farmer’s walks with the heaviest dumbbells that you are capable of carrying and try tightening your grip by fattening up the bar with Fat Gripz
  • Do a chin-up with a neutral grip and hold it until the muscles fail

In reality, you don’t have to target a specific muscle during your training in order to make this muscle bigger, stronger and better defined.  This is something that can be seen in strongmen and their amazing grips.  A bit of extra work, a neutral grip, loaded carries and efforts to train like a strongman are all of the things that you need to get amazing gains.

Try these strategies out and before long, you’ll have no choice but to wear tank tops in the winter, because you won’t be able to get your massive forearms into any other type of shirt. 😉

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    only will use Grip4orce now due to the added work it puts on my hands…keeps me tight with recruiting more muscle. You know it! Grip strength is a must brother!!!

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