How To Get Shredded By Summer

shredded beach bodyWith summer rapidly approaching, you might be considering your current physique and wondering how you will look in your beach attire. Will the hotties be mesmerized by your sexy body, or will they laugh because you look ridiculous squeezed into a too-small swimsuit with your stomach hanging out? If your belly is a bit too rotund for your liking and you prefer to sport a six-pack rather than a beer belly, then there is hope. Warm weather is only months away, so here is a super effective plan to learn how to get shredded by summer:

Think heavy—really freaking heavy

If you wanna build some serious muscle, then you’re going to have to lift some serious weights. You can’t start lifting weights within a certain range without slowly increasing what you can lift and expect to increase your muscle mass, because it simply will not happen. You must aggressively lift heavier and heavier weights in order to meet your goals. Your muscles need to be consistently challenged in order to increase in size, and if you aren’t constantly increasing the weight you can lift, then you aren’t providing enough of a challenge for them.

I’m not recommending that you over-train your muscles, either, because that’s only going to cause you to injure yourself. What you need to do is perform adequate reps, then you should have the ability to reach your goal. Since the amount of reps remains debatable, you need to determine what works best for you.

You could start out by warming up and then performing between 4 and 6 reps. You should be using either dumbbells or barbells that are at least 80% of your 1RM (one-rep max). After you reach 6 reps, then you should add 5 pounds of weight if you’re using dumbbells, and 10 pounds if you’re using barbells. By using this technique, you will be surprised at how quickly you can become buff and sexy.

Skip the machines

Many men looking to build muscle in a short period of time might believe that using machines is the best way. However, the total opposite is the truth. You need to totally bypass the machines and reach for free weights. If your goal is to achieve monster legs by the summer, then you should focus on doing as many squats as possible.

For a large, muscular chest, then you should spend a lot of workouts bench pressing. For a huge, muscle-bound back, then you definitely should be deadlifting. You might miss your good ole machines, but you only have to avoid them until summer, which is a small sacrifice to get the beast body that you desire.

Don’t forget supplements

If you’re going to get the ultimate freaking body by summer, then you’re going to need a bit of assistance. The right supplements can provide this for you, accelerating your progress. Here are the supplements that you should consider adding to your plan:

CLA — conjugated linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid found naturally in meats and dairy products. CLA can assist your body with burning fat as well as preserving muscle. You should aim for between 3 and 7 grams daily, divided into 3 separate doses.

Caffeine — not only can caffeine increase your energy before workouts, but it can also contribute to the mobilization of fat. Many people are as astounded by this fact as I was when I first discovered it. The amount of caffeine that you should ingest prior to workouts will depend on how much you can tolerate. If you are a veteran when it comes to consuming caffeine, then you should easily tolerate 400 mg, or even 500 mg. If you don’t regularly consume caffeine, then 150 mg — 200 mg should be a sufficient amount to get the job done.

Green tea extract — this herbal compound, which is extracted from green tea leaves, can assist you with weight loss. Catechins, the active ingredient in this extract, actually contributes to exercised-induced fat reduction. So since you’re going to be pumping some serious iron anyway, adding 600 mg – 900 mg of this extract to your regime can bring you greater results.

Begin a healthy nutrition plan

You didn’t think you could get the body you’re seeking without making any changes in your diet, did you? Well, luckily for you, it’s not too restrictive. You don’t have to eat lettuce and baked chicken breast all day in order to reach your fitness goals. In fact, you can basically eat what you want as long as you follow this formula:

Consume 1.2 grams of protein per body weight, 1 gram of carbs per body weight (yes, carbs are extremely important when it comes to lifting weights) and 1 gram of fats per 5 pounds of body weight. There are many helpful apps that can help you create some delicious meal plans once you’ve determined your numbers. This nutrition plan will help you to lose the weight that you need in order to get you closer to your ultimate goal.

You should workout 3 — 5 days a week and follow your devised eating plan. You will reach your goal. Unless you want to sport a beer belly at the beach this summer, then you should refrain from cheating too often.

Incorporate some HIIT into your regime

Studies show that traditional cardio is counterproductive when it comes to building muscle. While it’s good for weight loss and the heart, it isn’t the greatest for beefing yourself up. However, experts have discovered the wonders of performing shorter durations of higher intensity cardio. Not only does HIIT burn calories at an accelerated rate, but it can contribute tremendously to building muscle. You can find some great HIIT exercises online.

So if you’re looking for the best plan to learn how to get shredded by summer, then here is the plan in a nutshell:

1. Lift some heavy freaking weights
2. Steer clear of any exercise machines
3. Add in some helpful supplements
4. Follow a healthy nutrition plan
5. Incorporate some HIIT cardio into your plan

Good luck with getting the sexy body that you desire by summer. It is very possible to do, as long as you stick with it. The gorgeous women will certainly appreciate all your hard work. 🙂

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