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kyle leon

Kyle Leon

Kyle Leon, the developer of The Muscle Maximizer wasn’t always the muscle bound, fitness guru that he is now. He is now a body builder that has graced the covers of many fitness and muscle magazines. Almost everyone knows about the muscle maximizer that Kyle Leon developed even people who have never thought about increasing their muscle mass.

However, very few people know the story about the man who at one time had the nickname “Lanky Leo.” Read on to find out the story of the man behind the muscle.

Who is Kyle Leon?

In high school, you would not have recognized him. He was a scrawny, lanky boy who earned the nickname “Lanky Leo,” because of his thin appearance. Kyle was the typical ungainly kid among the jocks. The kid that wore a tee shirt to the beach, because he was ashamed of the way his body looked. Kyle quickly decided that he was tired of never getting a second glance from a girl at the beach, or anywhere else for that matter, and decided that he was going to change his appearance, and get the muscles that he had always wanted.

What Happened in College?

In college he used every supplemental muscle builder that he could find. When those didn’t work he tried even more muscle building supplements even though those didn’t work for him either. He tried several different fitness programs and lifted every weight imaginable. Even when he still stayed the same size, scrawny and lanky, he didn’t give up.

The workouts, supplements, and eating right worked to keep him in good physical shape, but he was still the same size with no muscles to speak of. Finally, he gave up thinking that it must be him. That the problem must be genetic and he was just destined to be a runt.

What Changed?

The turning point for him came when he was attending college in Charleston, SC and met a top fitness model. They went out to a bar one night and Kyle was impressed with the many women who came on to the fitness model. When Kyle asked the man what supplements he was taking he replied that he wasn’t taking any at all.

He gave Kyle the name of his nutritionist and Kyle gave him a call, it was the best phone call he ever made. Today Kyle Leon is muscle bound and in the best physical shape of his life. He finally decided that he wanted to share his good fortune, and his secrets, with other people who feel the same way that he used to.

You too can have a muscle bound body like Kyle does; all it takes is a little hard work, determination, and the secrets that Kyle is now willing to part with. If you are ready to take the path to a new muscled you, visit Kyle’s website and get started today.

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