Build Muscle Mass The Right Way – Avoid These 5 Mistakes

If you wanna gain serious muscle mass you should know that building muscle can be frustrating at times. Even when you eat the right foods, exercise appropriately and recuperate between your training workouts, you still find it challenging to create the physique you aspire to build.

In seeking more muscle, sometimes men look for a faster alternate route. Even when you are eating the proper amount of the right kind of foods, performing the right type of training activity and actualizing the best recovery plan between exercises, it can still be hard to create the muscle mass you want in a short time.

Developing physical mass is a gradual development where persistence pays off with a good outcome. There isn’t any way to bypass the work, those who look for an easy fix get upset when they do not progress. Those are usually the kind of people that give up after a few months.

The benefits are worth the effort and time. To assist you with your program and help keep you reach the right conclusion, here are the five most common errors men make when they attempt to add muscle too fast.

1. Overloaded Training

Some guys think more lifting for extended periods of time equals bigger, better muscle mass. But lifting more than an hour at a time becomes detrimental in creating the muscle you seek. Hormones such as cortisol, a stress hormone, start to release after a hard workout of lifting for an hour. This is not favorable to gaining muscle mass.

training overloadOverloaded training is damaging in the long run. Streamline your sessions, and remove the unnecessary exercises so you will accomplish more in a shorter time period.

You can achieve the results you are working toward in about a forty-five minute intense lifting session. Lift without rounding your back and keep your wrists straight. Instead of spending time trying a series of bicep curls, keep your sessions simple.

I recommend you change your routine to envelop six or eight of the basic exercises, then you will have time for a suitable warm up before going into the established exercises, and at the end a comprehensive cool down span. So, say no to training overload.

2. Not Eating Enough Calories

Eat the right foods with the right calories for your body building routine. When you are trying hard to get bigger it is difficult to know when you are absorbing the proper nutrition for your body’s needs. You can eat without adding the wrong kind of fats to your choice of foods. You must have enough of the right material to complete your goals of gaining muscle mass.

good proteinsMen who eat enough calories to see the scale go up will be producing results. It is best to avoid sweets. Not that you can never have anything sweet, but following the appropriate guidelines will integrate a high quality diet of food and proper exercise very well in realizing your goals.

Enjoying good, high quality proteins, fresh vegetables, fruits and carbs will add to your bulk the right way. Save the big caloric slurges for a special occasion. Try to refrain from a plateau while you are gaining weight. This is difficult, but can be as simple as keeping track of your food intake and the results.

3. High Intensity Training Won’t Help You Bulk Up

High intensity training, also known as HIT, is for those who wish to lose weight, not for a body builder seeking to bulk up. HIT benefits those who intend to have better general fitness and lose weight, but does not work for someone intent on muscle gain. It can even cause a loss of muscle. If you have trouble gaining muscle mass, consider adding extra calories to your diet while consuming larger amounts of more good foods, and continue with heavy resistance in your training.

Some good calorie, high fat foods are avocado, olive oil and peanut butter. Walnuts, pecans, almonds and almost any other nut are good for you in small quantities. Bananas, mangoes, whole grain breads and seafoods all contain essential vitamins and minerals you need.

4. Be Patient

patienceIf you know someone who goes to the gym seven days a week for hours at a time in order to bulk up, you should know it can be a mistake. It may pay off eventually, but for the person who has a hard time gaining muscle, it does not work. It is a slow process to gain muscle, it cannot be hurried. It is important to have patience, packing on muscle mass is not a simple process.

Keep track of your results each week and mark your improvements. Add 5 pounds to your bench press every few sessions and you will be pleasantly surprised at the consistent gains you can achieve. Concentrate on regular results by spending your time in the gym, not the alternate short route. Patience and control achieve the best development.

5. Respect Your Rest and Recovery Time

rest and recoveryLifting causes a breakdown in muscle, and then the body restores the muscle fiber. It is called catabolic activity. The lifting boosts more muscle in between sessions, through recovery. Your body requires rest and recovery time between workouts. The activity, rest and food you consume during recovery is a bigger force than gym time. Not having the right amount of sleep and not eating enough nutritious foods can destroy your hard earned workout procedure.

It is best to stay with a fundamental plan that works for you, and don’t concern yourself with the workout particulars. Center your remaining energy on the planned components that happen when you are in recovery. Using rest and recovery time also helps keep you safe from injury.

These basics are the answer to gaining muscle and getting bigger. Remember that not getting enough nutrition and the proper amount of sleep can sabotage your hard work. Above all, do not get impatient and stick to your plan.

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