The Best Workout To Build Muscle May Be a Split Workout

best workout to build muscleBuilding your muscles can be a long and time-consuming process if you focus solely on doing full body workouts each day. Many body building experts now recommend doing splits, in which you concentrate on specific sets of muscles for a shorter but more intense workout a certain number of days each week.

One of the benefits of a training split is a body that is much better shaped and sculpted. You can focus more easily on the weaker areas of your physique that need special care.

The split workout regimen, in addition to being shorter, is also less challenging to your body. Many body builders appreciate the flexibility split training offers in focusing on different areas of the body during subsequent workouts.

As you look for the best workout to build muscle, keep in mind that you should choose a workout that will help you increase muscle hypertrophy, a technical term for building muscle mass by increasing the size of each muscle cell.

Many bodybuilding programs offer workout routines that claim to lead to optimum muscle hypertrophy. Some of the best workouts that build muscle focus on boosting muscle hypertrophy include training in a wide range of repetitive lifts.

body muscle anatomyA recommended split workout schedule that offers the best workout routine to build muscle follows a schedule of four days of exercise that alternates with a day off from training. On the first day, you might focus on your chest and biceps.

After a day off, you’d then work on building the muscles in your hamstrings and quadriceps. The third workout, done after a day of rest, would work your shoulders and triceps while the fourth workout would focus on your back, calves and abdominal muscles.

It’s important to understand that this type of split training is designed for intermediate bodybuilders. Starting this type of routine as a novice could potentially cause injury. If you have the experience and strength to handle the split training, you can start your workouts with as little as two or as many as a dozen repetitions of a lift in sets ranging in number from one to four.

While it’s ideal to follow the training schedule as it’s set up, you may find that your body can’t yet handle all of the reps in a particular set. In those cases, it’s best to train as hard as you can but to stop at the right time.

Bodybuilding experts recommend training just to the point of failure but no further. It’s not beneficial for your body to train past its peak performance point on every repetition. Instead, learn how to recognize that your muscles are about to fail and stop just short of that point.

The types of lift exercises you use in your training regimen are up to you. You likely have lifts that you prefer and that you’ve found work best for your body. Keep these in your split training schedule, but add new exercises periodically to add interest to your workout and build up different areas of your muscles.

Most importantly, remember that the specifics of the training repetitions aren’t the key to building muscle. Focus on the overall goal of increasing muscle size rather than completing a specific number of reps during a workout. When you do, you’ll have found the best workout to build muscle fast. You can find a decent 3-day workout split routine here on

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