The Best Mass Building Exercises

mass bodybuilderThe best mass building exercises are the ones that can help you build bulk and muscles in an effective way. I know that a lot of people are not sure about what types of these exercises can work best, but once you get the hang of a simple body building routine, you’ll find it easy to get the gains you want.

Look into some of the following simple exercises and incorporate them into your regular routine.


bodybuilder doing squatsThis is one of the most important basic exercises to get started. Proper form and technique is everything when it comes to getting big legs. Always make sure that you arch your back from the moment you pick up your weight to the moment you rack it back up.

Your head needs to be back for a proper set as well, looking up, if possible, during your set. Keep your chest out with your feet a little wider than your shoulders, and imagine sitting in a chair in this position. Once you get the form right, the exercise itself can be very easy.


bodybuilder doing deadliftsDeadlifts are another important aspect of a good mass building workout. These should be done when you work on your back, and they are excellent movements in general for strength and thickness in the lower to mid portion of your back.

They can be done at any time, but many experts will recommend saving this exercise for last in your routine. Remember to keep your form right to get the best results.

Bench Press

bodybuilder on a bench pressThe bench press is arguably one of the most popular and important parts of your workout. If you are not already incorporating it, I highly recommend that you do so. The problem, however, is that so many people do it wrong, that they do not get effective mass from this otherwise amazing exercise.

Always keep your arms rigid, your back and butt flat on the bench, and work with your chest and arms, adjusting the weights to a comfortable strain. Do not squirm, lift your butt, or let the bar drop on your chest.

Military Press

bodybuilder doing the military pressThis is one of the best recommended exercises available for your shoulders. It is an excellent exercise because it is customizable, allowing you to put emphasis on whatever parts of your shoulders you want the most aesthetic appeal.

There is a special groove for all parts of this exercise, however, so remember to keep your form right and your elbows set appropriately with each specific rep.

Straight Leg Deadlifts

Straight Leg DeadliftsThis can be an excellent exercise to include in your general hamstring workout. While it is a simple movement, keeping the right form is still crucial, so keep your lower back arched, your chest out, and your head back.

Keep your butt out and bend at the hips, and focus on correct movements, rather than heavier weights or more repetitions. I highly recommend for you to keep your butt out as far as possible in order to stretch all of the muscles in your hamstrings for the best results.

These 5 exercises are probably the most popular ones to pack on a serious amount of muscle mass!

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