The Best Back Workout Routine

muscular backMy body is toned, my back muscles are rippling and my gym buddies think my wide back is awesome. Want to know how to build your back muscles? It’s no secret; you create a unique back workout routine, if not the best back workout in existence, you follow your training routine to the letter and step it up gradually.

Should the best back workout be easy? No, the best muscle building back exercises are tough, but a combination of workouts and exercise will give you a great physique. Let’s take a brief look at the four major back muscles before we chat about creating the ultimate big back workout.

back muscles overview

Every great muscle building workout focuses on developing the rhomboids, erector spinae, latissimus dorsi and Trapezius muscles. So, you should look for back exercises that build bigger lats, large traps, beefy rhomboids and a distinct division between the infraspinatus and the tere muscles.

Expand the main back muscles and you create a V taper, you establish your upper back, introduce serious muscle definition and create an eye catching back valley. Will a great back workout give you Christmas tree back muscles? Follow my muscle building exercises, enjoy a healthy diet and your back will grow bigger and stronger.

My best back workout routine isn’t complicated; it is a series of straightforward back exercises you can use to create a unique back workout. These exercises help to emphasize the major back muscles, giving you that lean chunky bodybuilder back.

Building Upper and Outer Lats

Every upper outer chest workout should include wide grip pull ups and wide grip bent over barbell rows.

The Wide Grip Pull Up

The Wide Grip Pull-Up
Grip the bar overhand. Stretch your arms let your shoulders relax and allow your lats to stretch fully.

Keep your elbows out wide, pull your elbows down and contract your lats as you pull up. Pull as high as you can to stretch and encourage the lats.


Wide Grip Bent over Barbell Rows
Wide Grip Bent over Barbell RowsStanding on a platform encourages you to round the base of your lower back, so avoid this at all costs. Adopt a wider than shoulder width grasp to enable you to keep those elbows out wide, pull your elbows back and feel the back muscles contract.

Your knees and back should remain bent-over during this back exercise. Keep hold of the weights as you rise to encourage other muscles to work hard.

Exercising the Lower Lats

The best back workout should exercise the lower lats and a comprehensive back workout routine will include the straight arm lat pulldown and the reverse grip pulldown.

The straight Arm Lat PulldownThe straight Arm Lat Pulldown
Stand in front of the station, bend your elbows slightly and hold your arms out in front of you. Grip the overhead bar, straighten your arms, and pull the bar down in a curve until the bar makes contact with your upper thighs.

Use your arms as levers and focus on the movement in the shoulder joint muscles.

The Reverse Grip Pulldown
The Reverse Grip PulldownGrasp the bar using an underhand shoulder width grip. Hold your body upright, extend your arms and curve your back. Push your chest out, pull your elbows down and push the elbows back towards your upper pecs. You will feel the muscles pull and you should squeeze your shoulder blades inwards at the height of the muscle contraction.

Add these exercises to your back muscle workout to create the best back workout for you. It is important to tailor your back workout routine to meet your needs, but this set of back exercises targets the main four muscle groups that build a powerful back, remember, bodyweight back exercises are regularly used by martial arts experts, body builders and the military.

A successful back workout trains the lower back muscles as well as the major back muscles, but bear in mind, you need to grow stronger before your back gets bigger.

Use these simple set of exercises to build your strength and don’t over train. Losing fat and building muscle can be easy if you know how, so create a customized back workout routine to get leaner, fitter and more muscular.

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