7 Tips For Explosive Arms

explosive armsHaving big muscular arms will never get out of style. In fact, having those explosive, vascular arms will make you look like a BEAST. Doing direct bicep and triceps work always seems to work but there are several tips I learnt that can come in quite handy to jump-start your arm growth.

Train in all rep ranges

The main dilemma I always had when it came to reps was when one should do low, medium and high reps. the answer is simple. For maximum arm size, spend about a third of your training time doing low reps, a third for medium reps and a third doing high rep sets. The main idea is to provide the arm with various types of stimulation. Doing so causes muscle growth via a variety of mechanisms.

Train arms less

Avoid doing too much overall arm work.  Consider the amount of work done by your triceps during shoulder pushing and chest exercises. These movements place a great deal of stress on the triceps. The overall stress placed on the biceps and triceps should not be more than the muscle can recover from. And if muscles don’t recover, they don’t grow.

Train arms more

While some people over train their arms, most people fall in the opposite category. Many people can benefit from more frequent and direct arm work. The secret is to divide your training volume over the course of pre-planned weekly arm workouts.

Use targeted form

bicep workoutIf you aim at getting bigger arms, ensure you are optimally stimulating your biceps and triceps during training. Train safely enough so that the brunt of the stress is being placed on your muscles rather than on your joints.

To stay on form, control the lowering portion of the rep enough so you can make it at least two or three seconds. However, you don’t have to do this for every rep but ensure you can.

Get leaner

Stripping off that layer of fat off your arm could be the best thing to make your arms look bigger. There was a time when someone asked me how much weight I had gained because my arms looked bigger while in the real sense I had shed off a few pounds. Getting leaner makes your arms look much better.

Train biceps and triceps together

In as much as there are different arm exercise techniques, the best arm-building results come from training biceps and triceps not only on the same day but also on their own. Training both muscles in the same session places significant more outward and expansive force on the surrounding fascia as compared to training them separately.

Save your elbows

sexy beastFor your arms to get big and stay big, you need to have healthy and pain free elbows. The first step to this is to use a weight you can control and not one that controls you.

Skull crushers are great triceps exercises but can be dangerous to the elbow if done all year round so you can do them on one training cycle and leave them off of the next.

With the tips mentioned, getting bigger and better looking arms should be a lot easier.

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