6 Great Back Training Tips

back trainingBack exercises generally aim to produce a defined and undulating back. However, some bodybuilders spend months or even years trying to achieve this goal unsuccessfully. Here are the six top back training tips:

Light weights

Most bodybuilders tend to have puffed egos in the gym. As a result, they tend to have a desire to perform more reps or lift heavier weights than everyone else in the gym. The problem with this approach is it is counterproductive because one could end up with an injury or simply over train. With this in mind, it is advisable to lift weights that you can handle during back training sessions. This will allow you to progress to heavier weights gradually without straining.


barbell rowsIf you really want to build a strong and chiseled back with a nice shape, be prepared to squeeze it. This simply means holding exercise positions for at least one second.

For instance, when performing barbell rows, you should hold the bar close to your midsection for at least one second. At the same time, try to squeeze your shoulder blades together until you feel the strain of this action.

Follow this routine throughout your back training session, making sure you feel the effect of every squeeze. If this is not the case, you are probably performing back exercises the wrong way. Seek advice from an experienced gym instructor to help you make the necessary changes.

Adopt the pre-exhausting technique

If you are having a hard time feeling your back muscles while exercising, you should consider adopting the pre-exhaust technique. Pre-exhausting involves starting with an isolation exercise before proceeding to compound exercises like pull ups. This will make it easier for you to feel your back as you exercise.

An effective isolation exercise that you can perform is straight arm pull-downs. The rule of thumb is to keep the arms straight as you perform this exercise.

Focus on improving arm strength

muscular bicep and forearm

Most people do not realize that the muscles of the back are typically much stronger compared to the forearm and bicep muscles.

To remedy this strength imbalance, perform exercises to strengthen your forearms and biceps. This includes grips exercises, dumbbell lifts, barbell wrist curls, reverse barbell curls, and dumbbell wrist curls.


When exercising the back, which you cannot see without the help of a mirror, it pays to visualize what you are doing. For example, visualize how the back muscles are moving – contracting and relaxing – as you perform pull ups or deadlifts. This may seem pointless but rest assured it is an effective strategy.

Use straps

Exercises that target the back can become monotonous because the arms tend to tire faster than back muscles. For this reason, it is advisable to put on a strap while performing these exercises. You will feel the strain buildup on back muscles instead of the arms.

In conclusion, some of the things that can help you attain a defined and undulating back include using straps, visualizing the back muscles as you exercise, increasing your arm strength, lifting weights that you can handle, and using the pre-exhausting technique. These tips should help you develop a nice V-shaped back.

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