5 Training Tips From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold SchwarzennegerIf you are not getting the results that you want from exercise, you may be making your routine more complicated than it has to be.

There are many great training methods that Arnold Schwarzenegger used to keep himself in outstanding shape. Below are five training tips from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Front Squats

It can be difficult to master the front squat. However, this exercise is very effective for building muscle. If you perform a front squat, the center of gravity will shift forward. Front squats also place more muscular tension on your quadriceps.

Arnold Front SquatEven though this move can be done on a flat floor, Arnold placed a board underneath his heels because it helped him improve his balance.

You perform this exercise holding the barbell in place across your front deltoids. Cross your arms, grasp the bar and maintain a flat back. Look forward and bend your knees. Extend your knees and hips until your legs are straight.

You may want to use a lighter weight if this is your first time doing this move.

Incline Reverse Crunch

Incline Reverse Crunch ArnoldArnold maintained a six-pack by performing an incline reverse crunch. This exercise targets the abs from different angles. You perform this exercise by lying down on a bench. Grab the sides or top of the bench to prevent yourself from sliding.

Slightly bend your knees and pull them over your chest. Lift your lower back and butt off the bench, so you can get a better abdominal contraction. Hold it for a second before returning to starting position.

Smith-Machine Incline Press

Smith-Machine Incline Press ArnoldThe Smith-machine incline press was a regular part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger training regimen.

In order to perform this move, you will need to set the bench at a 30 to 40 degree angle. Lie down on the bench with your feet on the ground. Use a pronated grip to grab the bar. Unhook the bar and then lower it to your chest.

Without bouncing, reverse the direction by extending your arms and pressing the weight back. It is a good idea to use a lighter weight if you will be performing this exercise for the first time because it will be easier for you to control.

Lying Lateral Raise ArnoldLying Lateral Raise

Arnold kept his deltoids hard by performing the lying later raise. You will need to lie on a bench on your side with your head raised at an incline.

Hold onto the dumbbell using one hand and then lower it. Keep your arm locked and raise the dumbbell. Slightly twist your hand when you raise the dumbbell.

Seated Cable Row

Seated Cable Row ArnoldThe seated cable row was one of Arnold’s favorite exercises. You will need to sit upright and slightly bend your knees. Place your feet against the foot support. Lean forward slightly and pull the handle back to your abdomen.

Make sure you pull your elbows back as far as possible. Keep yourself upright while performing this exercise. You may want to experiment with different handle attachments. Long bars are great for targeting the upper lat muscles.

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