5 Proven Techniques For Faster Muscle Gains

muscle manGetting started with a workout is never easy. Between figuring out all your meal plans and how well you can do each exercise, many beginners are just turned off from the workouts because they have no idea how to start.

The problem, however, is that there is no real definitive guide on how you need to structure your workouts.

There are lots of rules and lots of tips that you can incorporate into your routine, but the most important thing is for you to push yourself from the level that you are at now to the place you want to be.

Once you find your rhythm and know what kind of results you are looking for, you will want to optimize them as best as you can. This is done with a variety of techniques for faster muscle gains.

These techniques and tips are designed to help improve the way your muscles grow, ensuring that you get the most from your workouts. Be sure that you are ready to use them and that you are always making the most of your exercises.

It can be really easy to mess up your routine and fall into incorrect exercises if you are not careful from the beginning.

Use Creatine Monohydrate as a Supplement

creatine monohydrate supplementOne of the best things that you can do for your body is start supplementing with creatine. Creatine is much more reliable than other proteins because it increases the amount of creatine phosphate inside of your muscle tissue. This improves the explosive power of your workout, allowing you to get more reps in, increasing the growth stimulation in your muscles.

You may have other protein options to choose from, but none will be as powerful as creatine. If you are not sure if it is right for you, know that it is completely natural and safe, and you already get the protein from different kinds of food. Be sure to get trusted and high quality protein from reliable vendors.

Creatine is particularly useful when it comes to cutting, because it will allow you to retain all of your hard earned muscle mass while helping restrict calories. It is one of the best guaranteed ways to get a chiseled six pack, so long as you are already working with a reliable exercise routine. Refer to my guide to choosing the best creatine supplement for more info.

Control Your Negative Reps

This is another extremely valuable technique that too few people use correctly. The fact of the matter is that no matter what exercise you do, each rep is important. Not only is each rep important, but each part of that rep is important.

You absolutely need to control the lowering part of every rep that you perform. This is absolutely vital if you are serious about stimulating long term muscle growth.

negative reps

Every single rep counts and needs to be performed correctly, and there is never such a thing as a useless rep if you are doing it right.  You do not need to go as slow as some people may suggest, but be sure that you are using your intended muscles when you lower the weight.

Never just drop the weight. When you just release your grip and lose the tension, your muscle fibers are not being tested as completely. Control every negative rep that you perform and you will feel your muscles working better with every workout.

Use Beta Alanine as a Supplement

Beta AlanineThis is another very important supplement that you need to be taking to get the results you want even faster. Studies show that taking beta alanine can increase your muscle mass by as much as one whole pound over a rigorous eight week training period.

This is a huge part of optimizing your workouts, as this supplement can deliver the necessary proteins and nutrients your muscles need to grow.

All that you have to do is take two grams every day. The timing for this supplement is not as important as others. To make it more convenient for yourself, however, take it a little while before your workouts to see the difference.

Never take too much and always remember to control your reps as best as you can in order to see the best results.

Do Isolation Exercises and Compound Exercises

Isolation ExercisesEverybody has different theories and superstitions when it comes to their perfect workout routine. There are many people who think that the best possible muscle growth can only be achieved by compound exercises.

There are others that think the opposite, that only isolation exercises will get the best results. Both of these groups are wrong, because it has been proven that the best results happen from a combination of compound and isolation exercises.

Compound exercises will create the bedrock for your workout, while you need to maximize isolation movements in order to fully recruit every muscle fiber.

Compound muscle movements may involve many different muscle groups, but that does not always mean that they are working at their top efficiency. At any time that a compound exercise involves four muscle groups, only one or two of those will be working at their maximum efficiency levels.

Always use both types in order to get the best results because then you synergize your exercises and use many muscle groups, isolating them as appropriate.

Always Include the Following Techniques

If you are not already doing so, your workouts need to include the following exercising techniques. These have been scientifically proven to provide the body with the best growth. Make sure that you focus on your overall legs with squats, your quadriceps with leg extensions, your hamstrings with leg curls, and your calves with standing calf raises.

Include overhead shoulder presses for your shoulders, concentration curls for your biceps, decline dumbbell bench presses for your chest, and decline tricep extensions for your triceps. Finally, include barbell shrugs for your traps, hanging leg raises for your abs, deadlifts for your entire back, and bent over barbell rows for your lats.

Focus on performing these exercises to the best of your ability, increasing reps and weights as appropriate, and see what a difference you can make in your body’s muscular growth.

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