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The Ultimate Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Who needs a gym when you have a perfectly simple and intense workout you can do right at home? With a variety of workout gear in your arsenal, no tool is quite as versatile or convenient as dumbbells. It does not

Is A Bad Workout Better Than No Workout?

For most fitness enthusiasts, nothing damages motivation more than having a bad training session. This could come as a result of going into a session with high expectations, only to fall short in a certain area, like lifting for instance. Or

Is Overtraining A Myth?

Millions of people around the world have invested heavily in their fitness. Most of them have gym memberships while others have militaristic discipline in their workout routine. The vast majority of fitness enthusiasts get nutrition and workout tips online. They watch

The Ultimate Strength And Conditioning Workout

For years, split training had been the most popular workout approach even among bodybuilders. However, this training style has one major shortcoming: development of muscles that are not functional in real world situations. For this reason, there is a growing shift

Are You Making These Common Squat Mistakes?

It’s human to err. You, myself and everyone around has made mistakes. And mistakes tend to surface while squatting too. Squatting is among the most rigorous and effective workouts for the lower body, if done right. In addition to involving glutes

What Are The Best Back Building Exercises?

If you’d like a thick, wide and strong rear, then seriously look into the chances of doing these workouts and exercises. When I first started, my gym sessions were similar to most other guys on the floor, who wanted to get

My Experience With Layne Norton’s PHAT Workout Program

The Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training or PHAT workout program is notable, in that it combines bodybuilding and powerlifting training techniques. For those who are unfamiliar with weight training workouts, powerlifters normally lift heavier weights with a lower number of repetitions, to

How To Build Bigger Trap Muscles

If you are trying to improve your overall physique, building your trap muscles is the best way to start. When people see a person with large traps, they get a “don’t mess with me”, message from that person. This is because

Home Gym or Gym Membership – What’s Your Best Option?

Bodybuilding requires a certain level of commitment and dedication. It’s not something you can achieve by maintaining a casual interest. Whether you work out at home or drop in routinely at a gym, where you train should be somewhere you look

The Best Dumbbell Workout Routine You Can Do At Home

If you want to improve your physique, dumbbells are an essential piece of equipment. As well as being portable and easy to store, I find that they work my muscles in ways that exercise machines are unable to. They also offer
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