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The Best Dumbbell Workout Routine You Can Do At Home

If you want to improve your physique, dumbbells are an essential piece of equipment. As well as being portable and easy to store, I find that they work my muscles in ways that exercise machines are unable to. They also offer

How You Can Build A Strong Chest (2 Workouts Included!)

One of the most poorly trained parts of the man’s body is the chest. Many men put more focus on their shoulders, abs, and arms. When they do try to build their chest muscles, they often go about it all wrong.

A Good Fitness Plan For Someone Who Is Extremely Busy

I stay so busy that I never seem to find enough time for normal physical activities and even less for fitness training or fun social pursuits like casual sports competitions, group hiking, camping and water-based pursuits. Sitting behind a desk and

Customized Fat Loss For Men: 2-Week Workout Program

The best and most effective way for men to lose weight is by working out in the gym. This approach is not only safe (no ingestion of harmful chemicals), but also efficient in maintaining optimal bodyweight over the long term. Nevertheless,

All About The Zac Efron Workout Program

Zac Efron has been in the media quite a lot lately. Aside from talk about his new movie “Bad Neighbors” and his shirtless performance at the MTV Movie Awards, people have been talking about the Zac Efron Workout. It is no

Back And Biceps Workout Program For HUGE Gains (+ Tips)

Ask any good trainer to recommend a great back and biceps workout that will show instant results and they are probably going to just smile and shake their head. The first and most important thing that you need to understand about

8 Motivational Tips to Get You Off Your Butt & Stay On Track!

Everyone wants to have a fit and lean body. Yet only a few have it. What separates the two? It’s simple, it’s motivation. Motivation is what keeps you going to the gym or running the extra mile. It is what keeps

Why You Don’t Always Feel Sore After A Workout

The way you feel after a workout can sometimes vary, especially from person to person. One of the first things that many gym goers notice is that they will feel sore after some exercises, but not after others. “I don’t feel

How to Warm Up Properly Before Working Out

We all want to be physically fit and trim. This is the way to go because being trim and fit is great for your self-esteem and even better for your health. The only problem is that there is no way you

5 Proven Techniques For Faster Muscle Gains

Getting started with a workout is never easy. Between figuring out all your meal plans and how well you can do each exercise, many beginners are just turned off from the workouts because they have no idea how to start. The
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