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Ben Pakulski Chest Workout

In this video IFBB PRO bodybuilder Ben Pakulski teaches chest training for bodybuilding. Learn how you can build a massive chest with these handy bodybuilding principles for hypertrophy. Check out the Ben Pakulski chest workout routine below! Learn more about optimal

The Ben Pakulski Diet & Mi40 Bodybuilding Program

If you’re looking to bulk up, you want to do it with lean muscle, not fat. This can be tricky; losing weight is a fairly straightforward formula of calories in versus calories out. Adding muscle, however, takes a little more science

Ben Pakulski’s Mi40 Review : The 40 Day Muscle Builder

Developed by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski (photo), the Mi40 workout program is not a typical training program. Instead, the target audience is those who wish to focus on the most effective ways to eat and exercise to build muscle. Inside
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