Craig Ballantyne And The Turbulence Training Workout Program

turbulence trainingI was pleased to find out about the Turbulence Training program, having spent untold hours in my local gym on the running machine — with little to show for it. This program — created by Craig Ballantyne — is a circuit workout, which burns fat quicker than the usual tedious aerobic exercises.

The Turbulence Training workout lasts for under sixty minutes and is perfect for someone like me, who hasn’t got time to train more than three times per week. Better still, both women and men can follow the program and no elaborate equipment is required.

Craig Ballantyne developed this program, while studying for his MA in exercise physiology. He is an experienced personal trainer and certified conditioning and strength coach. Moreover, he writes frequently on the topic of weight loss in national publications. In other words, you’re in safe hands….

There are several items included in the program package, such as an MP3 explaining the program, which lasts for sixty minutes. Also included is an ebook and circuit workout plan that features calisthenics. A dietary guide and thirty day weight loss strategy complete the package.

craig ballantyne
Craig Ballantyne

Like all good fitness plans, this program addresses nutrition and exercise. Firstly, Craig Ballantyne explains the reasons for using interval training methods. Scientists have managed to identify the kinds of exercises that are most effective for weight loss. Surprisingly, these are not cardio exercises.

To shed calories and fat, you have to train at a great intensity, and push your body almost to its’ limit. A circuit workout is the best method for accomplishing this. Here, you train hard in short bursts, then take a brief rest before starting again. I was new to this type of training, so I started slowly then gradually upped the pace.

Also, the Turbulence training workout aims to burn fat by building muscle tissue. It does this with power lifting training, where you complete a small number of reps with heavy weights. I’ve found that this builds muscle better than any other method I have tried. Building muscle is crucial, because it allows you to burn calories away from the gym.

Obviously, diet is a key part of this program as well. Training at this level of intensity requires considerable energy (when I first started, I was ravenous all of the time!). When following this program, you have to consume lots of healthy protein and calories, because it’s difficult to metabolize the calories in fat.

This provides your body with the necessary fuel to complete workouts. Also, it increases your metabolism, so that your body can process fat calories. I’ve found that eating more veggies and fruit has stopped me from snacking on junk food. Also, eating plenty of protein has increased the size of my muscles.

The Effectiveness of the Program

craig ballantyne with kettlebellPersonally, with this program, I really enjoy the variety and intensity of the workouts. In just four weeks, my body fat had reduced considerably and I felt more energetic. I told several of my friends about this program, and all of them who tried it were happy.

The good thing about it is that you get results quickly. My strength steadily increased and I did not have to spend hours working out. I gained muscle all over my body, without gaining fat.

The manual is well written, because it is user friendly and offers clinical research to support the methods.

Customer Reviews

Virtually all customer reviews of this program mention how fast results were experienced. Some people claim to have noticed results within a few weeks. As a larger person, what encouraged me was the fact that customers of all different body types had left positive reviews.

This program is suitable for you, whether you need to lose twenty pounds or over 100 pounds. Other customers point out that serious athletes could use the program to train for their particular sports.

Initially, although I was impressed by the things people were saying about this program, I was still a little hesitant to take the plunge. I have tried many programs before, which have fallen short of their claims, so I could not help being cynical.

However, in the end, I decided to go for it because of the eight week refund guarantee. I reasoned that, if the program did not produce the desired results, I would just send it back.

Thankfully though, the program reinvigorated my workouts and transformed my body. Give it a try, and I’m convinced that it could do the same for you.

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This program is suitable for you, whether you need to lose twenty pounds or over 100 pounds. The manual is well written and the variety of the workouts is good.

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