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Core Workout Routine You Can Do Without Equipment

You may be surprised by what makes the best core exercises. It may not just be sufficient to carry out sit ups and abs crunches if you lack special equipment. To really build a strong and solid core, you require exercising

How You Can Become A Certified Fitness Trainer

Personal fitness training is a highly popular career option among various workers in the fitness field. The United States Department of Labor estimates that the demand for fitness trainers will increase at a rapid pace throughout 2018. A growth rate of

The Ben Pakulski Diet Plan: What It Is And How It Can Work For You

I always say that successful bodybuilding is the product of proper fitness and a balanced diet. This is an equation that has worked time and again, and it is a tried-and-tested formula. To show you how well a carefully planned diet

Which Rep Range Is Best For Building Muscle?

When it comes to building strength and creating muscle mass, there are facts and rules you need to take seriously and there are myths you need to ignore. Probably one of the most common “rules” you’ve heard of is that heavier

The Effect Of Protein Timing On Muscle Growth

Almost every bodybuilder understands the vital role protein plays in building muscles. However, there are diverging views on the right time to ingest protein and related supplements. For instance, some bodybuilders swear doing so pre-workout and post-workout is beneficial while others

All About The Zac Efron Workout Program

Zac Efron has been in the media quite a lot lately. Aside from talk about his new movie “Bad Neighbors” and his shirtless performance at the MTV Movie Awards, people have been talking about the Zac Efron Workout. It is no

How Often Should I Go To The Gym To See Results?

Whether you are joining a gym to lose weight or to build muscle mass, it is important to get yourself on a proper workout routine. If you are beginner, you may be asking yourself, “how many times a week should I

How Long Should You Rest Between Weight Lifting Sets?

Sometimes it’s hard for us to workout like we should, because life gets in the way and we get bored or tired of what we’re doing. However, when you take the step to go to the gym or buy some dumbbells

Biceps And Triceps Workout Routine For HUGE Gains (+ Tips)

We live in a democratic society where everybody is equal. Yet, there are some, like the President, who is more equal than others. You can call them the first amongst equals. Any fitness expert will tell you that a fit and

Chest And Triceps Workout Routine For HUGE Gains (+ Tips)

If you are serious about your bodybuilding regimen, then you cannot afford to underestimate the importance of having a well-sculpted chest and sharply-defined triceps. I am sure you have faced instances where you felt your chest and tricep workout was just
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