Clean Bulking On A Budget

bulking on a budgetIf your goal is to bulk up and build some major muscle, then I’ve got the perfect plan for you. There is no need to spend a great deal of money, because if you’re on a budget, you can still follow this plan and see some amazing results.

Here are some effective bodybuilding tips that will enable you to bulk up fast while adhering to a budget:

Are supplements absolutely necessary?

When most people think about bodybuilders, they think about guys with huge, bulging muscles, while downing protein shakes in rapid succession. However, protein supplements aren’t absolutely necessary. These products are intended to do just that-supplement the protein in your diet. I can tell you from personal experience that protein supplements aren’t absolutely necessary in every situation.

What would warrant the need for protein supplements when it comes to bodybuilding? The only reason you would ever need to take supplements is if you aren’t obtaining enough through your diet. Of course you can’t build muscle without adequate protein intake, and ensuring that you consume enough protein-rich foods is relatively simple. All that you must do is use one of the many protein calculators available online, enter your weight and the calculator will tell you exactly how many grams you need in order to properly bulk up. For instance, if you’re 220 lbs, then you will need anywhere from 242-286 grams of protein each day. It may be challenging but not impossible to consume this amount of protein on a daily basis.

bodybuilder eatingOnce you’ve been on your regime for a few months and you’re making progress yet you find it difficult to reach your recommended amount of protein on a daily basis, you might want to consider using supplements, but only once a day. Using supplements (bars and/or shakes) will not help you to reach your goal any quicker than eating regular meals, so it’s not worth it to go over your budget in order to purchase these products.

If you’re not sure which foods to eat in order to help you reach your protein requirements, then there are many meal and snack ideas available. You just want to ensure that you aren’t consuming high amounts of high-calorie protein that has high amounts of fat, as well. Here are some perfect lean protein choices:

Tuna – You could make tuna and pasta dishes, eat tuna sandwiches, or even eat tuna salad. Another good thing about canned tuna fish is the fact that you can purchase it for a relatively cheap price. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to find it at 2 for $1.

Eggs – This is one of the most versatile but nutritious foods you can find. In addition to being a high protein food, eggs contain numerous beneficial nutrients. You can opt to eat eggs in many different ways, including boiled, scrambled, fried, in vegetable and meat dishes, and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to eating eggs, and eating them makes it easy to get your required amount of protein in each day. Eggs are another food that is extremely economical. Buying larger amounts, such as 18 or 36-count packs will lower your cost even more.

Chicken breast – There is a great deal that you can do with chicken breast. You can make huge salads with sauteed chicken breast as the main protein source, and you can make so many other delicious and healthy dishes with it, as well. If you need some ideas, all you have to do is simply conduct an online search and you’re bound to come up with more recipe ideas than you knew existed. Chicken breast doesn’t have to be expensive, because if you shop at the right stores and buy in bulk, you can find some chicken at relatively cheap prices. Click here for a simple chicken breast recipe I’ve put together a few months ago.

Greek yogurt – Not only can Greek yogurt be considered a great snack, but it could also be eaten as a dessert. If you’re trying to keep your fat and sugar calories low, then simply opt for plain, non-fat Greek yogurt and add in your own fruit, sweeteners, etc. By eating Greek yogurt, you will have the ability to obtain high amounts of protein and enjoy a creamy and delicious treat at the same time. Again, buying in larger sizes or bulk is your best bet for spending less money on this high protein food.

Lean steak – Forget the Porterhouse and New York Strip steaks, because if you’re wishing to attain the leanest cuts, then you should opt for a choice like round steak. Not only is round steak low in fat and high in protein, but it is significantly cheaper than fancier steaks.

Pork chops – Not only are pork chops super inexpensive, but they are lean and extremely high in protein, like other meats. You can easily create scrumptious and muscle-inducing meals and snacks.

There’s a great product that goes more in-depth about bodybuilding food and it’s actually really good. You can learn more about it here.

Skip the gym

You may be wondering how you could possibly obtain the type of body that you desire without hitting the gym at least 5 days each week. There is no need to pay the high costs associated with gym memberships when you can work out just as effectively in the comfort of your own home. You can find weights, a bench and any other equipment that you need very inexpensively. Or you can also perform bodyweight exercises at home.

By working out at home instead of the gym, you might be able to achieve your fitness goals even sooner. Since you won’t have to head out to a gym, you might be motivated to work out more frequently. It is a great deal more convenient to walk to your home gym from your living room as opposed to driving across town and waiting to use equipment.

So if you’re looking for clean bulking on a budget, then hopefully these tips will help you to achieve your goal quicker than you ever thought possible. As long as you’re willing to use supplements sparingly and eat foods that are conducive to supreme bodybuilding, then you can reach your fitness goals without going broke.

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