The Best Bodybuilding Foods

bodybuilding foodsThe greatest performance diets are seemingly fancy and complicated; however, all of them are built on a foundation of simple foods and basic principles. Eat the right foods and your body will react accordingly.

If the regimen you are currently following does not incorporate the body building foods below, head to the supermarket and immediately stock up on them.

Egg Whites

Any body builder who does not include egg whites in his or her diet is someone who is neglecting to consume the best protein that money can buy. Combined with oatmeal, egg-white omelets can transform your breakfast into a meal packed with power to fuel the entire day.

Buying Tip
When buying eggs always check for the expiry date, look in the carton and check for cracks. In addition, ensure that the eggs are in a refrigerated area of the store and put them in the fridge as soon as you get home. Even though eating eggs that are stored outside the refrigerator will not necessarily result in illness, when not refrigerated, they lose a grade each day.

Salmon Fillet

Salmon is packed with the required protein and the added nutrients of good, unsaturated fats. Hardcore body builders are frequently deficient in fats, since they are usually on super low-fat diets. Incorporating certain fish like salmon in your daily food intake is one method of getting the healthy types of fats.

Buying Tip
Atlantic salmon is usually the most affordable. When it is fresh, it is bright orange in color and does not exude a bad odor or feel slimy. Always go for a thicker cut, since the tail gets more exercise when the fish is swimming around, the meat closest to the tail is usually tougher.

Chicken Breasts

The majority of builders regularly consume chicken breast. Given that it is very low in fat and high in protein, the bird has a great taste that just about everyone enjoys.

Buying Tip
Purchasing skinless, boneless chicken breasts in bulk from the freezer section of the grocery store will enable you to save money. Make sure that the raw chicken has a pinkish color. Defrost the chicken overnight in the fridge; the defrosted chicken should not have a foul odor or a slimy feel.


Your mom was right when she said you need veggies to grow. Where greens are concerned, there are plenty of great choices such as spinach and broccoli; however, asparagus is a great choice because of its water-leaching feature. Top body builders eat a lot of asparagus during pre-contest crunch time to get increased tightness for the stage.

Buying Tip
Asparagus should be bright green whether the spears are thick or thin and should be free of bruises and blemishes. Additionally, the buds should be tightly closed and not wilting. For optimum taste, use within 3 days of purchase.

Sweet Potatoes

best bodybuilding foodsProtein alone cannot build a buff body. Carbohydrates supply the energy that is needed to play hard and work hard and sweet potatoes do the job without overdosing the system with fast-acting, simple carbohydrates.

They are typically used by body builders before contests to fill out exhausted muscles; however, even if you are not preparing for the stage, sweet potatoes are an exceptional component of any mass-gaining or dieting.

Buying Tip
There are two types of sweet potatoes available, the white ones that are similar to regular baking potatoes; and the dark-skinned ones that are packed with rich nutrients and have an orange flesh. When buying sweet potatoes, ensure that they have a firm, smooth skin with no blemishes.

Top Round Steak London Broil

While chicken breast reigns supreme among bodybuilding foods, lean cuts of beef are laden with complete protein and they pack the most punch when building the body.

Buying Tip
Always buy London broil that has a bright-red color. Try to find a roast or steak that has little or no visible fat and is at least one inch thick.

Pork Tenderloin

Diet purists often shun pork but some cuts are virtually as low in fat as chicken, while still packing the required protein power and pork is more flavorful than chicken. Pork tenderloin is the leanest, most tender part of the meat.

Buying Tip
Typically, pork tenderloin is pre-packaged, dated and found in the meat section of the supermarket. Ensure that the meat you choose will not expire within a few days. Go for a tenderloin that has a tinge of pink, is firm to the touch and lacks lots of visible gristle and fat. Cuts that seem a little grey or dry should not be purchased.

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