The Burning Question: Do Girls Like Muscles?

do girls like musclesThis was probably the first question that you asked yourself when you started working out: Do girls like muscles? I know that was where I started, and the reason was that I wanted them to want me, as the song goes. That’s why most of us get in the weight room to start with.

We want to impress the ladies. It may start with a trip to the beach where you regret taking your shirt off or an offhanded comment made by a female friend who doesn’t even know that you’re into her.

There are a thousand ways that it can start, but it’s probably going to drive you to the weight room. You want to be ripped, you want to be impressive, and you want the girls to notice.

The Shift

Over time, there is something of a shift that happens. You stop lifting just for the ladies. You start competing with your friends who are also lifting. You want to max out higher than anyone else. You want to look like the most ripped guy in the room, no matter who is at the gym.

After that, the shift continues until you don’t really even care what the other lifters think. You’re just doing it for yourself now. You know where you started and where you want to get. You know how hard you have worked to pack on the muscle. To you, a strong, lean body is more a testament to your own dedication than any desire to get the hottest girls in bed. However, no matter why you are lifting, you should know what it says to the girls.

So, Do Girls Like Muscles?


Let’s start bluntly: Yes, they do. Give them the choice between a guy that hits the weight room four nights a week and a guy that hits a fast food joint every afternoon, and you know what they are going to pick. We often think that girls and guys are very different, but we’re often not that much different at all. Girls see a hot guy and they know that he’s hot.

The difference is that muscles alone won’t do it. There is even a misconception out there that guys who lift too much are, to say this as delicately as possible, stupid. There is a “meathead” mentality. People think that guys who only care about being ripped aren’t smart enough to be into anything else.

This is wrong, of course. If you really want to develop muscles, you have to be incredibly smart. You have to constantly research and then put what you learn into action. You have to be dedicated to lifting and working out, and to eating right. You are showing that you can have self-control when you need it and perseverance even when things get tough. The classic “meathead” idea gets it all wrong.

The Total Package

The key, then, is to show the girls that you are the total package. Break that stereotype. Girls care about personalities; that’s the one thing that the stereotype does not get wrong when it comes to men and women. Girls do not want to date someone that they don’t like, no matter how hot they think he is. You have to put your personality forward, as well as your physical fitness, to show that you have it all. When you do this, they are going to eat it up.

girl with bodybuilderThings are shifting a bit in modern culture, though. Studies have shown that women are looking at physical attractiveness in the guys that they date more than perhaps at any other time in history. In fact, a study showed that male models have packed on muscles over the years, with about 30 pounds more of muscle now than they used to have.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that society has finally reached a point where women do not feel like they need men to be successful. They do not need someone to take care of them. They can do all of that on their own, so, things like success and money are less important and physical attractiveness is more valued.

Finally, you cannot ignore the fact that they like someone who is both strong and kind. They want you to be tough, to be ripped, to be the strongest person that they know, but they want you to be kindhearted as well. You must focus on both aspects. The next time someone asks you “Do girls like muscles?” you will know exactly what to tell them. 😉

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