8 Motivational Tips to Get You Off Your Butt & Stay On Track!

just do itEveryone wants to have a fit and lean body. Yet only a few have it. What separates the two? It’s simple, it’s motivation.

Motivation is what keeps you going to the gym or running the extra mile. It is what keeps you from reaching for a fattening fast food meal. Instead, motivation helps you prepare healthy meals.

For many, motivation can be quick to find but easy to lose over time. The key to getting the physique that you want, is keeping the motivation. There are a few fitness motivation tips that can help you start and stay on track.

Keep your goal simple

You want one, simple goal. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to focus on many different goals. Add in the daily stress of everyday life and it’s easy to see why so many of us get sidetracked.

Sit down and consider what your first goal will be.

Maybe it’s to lower your overall body fat percentage. It could be that you want to improve your cardio through running or swimming. Building muscle is another great goal, but keep a simple gym routine. Once you achieved your goal, you can move onto another goal.

Allow others to inspire you

When your motivation is waning, inspiration can help revive it. Subscribe to fitness magazines, they often have numerous weight loss motivation tips. If you’re training for a specific sport, look for a magazine that caters to it. Magazines offer a great way to inspire you each month with new articles.

fat to fit drew manningBooks are another great tool. Many former athletes have written inspirational stories of how they achieved their goals. Cookbooks can help inspire you to create new dishes when your eating routine becomes boring.

With a quick google search, you can find blogs and articles about fitness. Many of these will have great success stories, stories that will inspire you to keep working towards your goal.

Tell everyone about your fitness goals

One of the best workout motivation tips there is, is to make your goal public. The more people that know about your fitness goal, the harder it is to quit. Let members of your family know, post it on your social media.

Quite often the people in your life will inquire about your workouts, inspiring you to keep improving.
Tell people about your workouts, post pictures of your improvements. You may even inspire others in your life to set their own fitness goals. That’s a great motivational tool in itself.

Find your support network

Trying to achieve your fitness goals alone can be daunting. There are many other people who are striving for the same goal as you are. There are also many fitness groups that you could join.

support networkFor example, join your local run group if you want to run a marathon. Not only will you meet others who can encourage you when you hit a slump, you will want to attend workouts because you will be held accountable.

You may also learn tips from fellow runners on how to run faster and longer. No matter what your goal is, there are support groups for it.

Consider joining an online forum, another great way to meet people who are sharing the same growing pains as you.

Keep track of your daily workouts and diet

Studies have shown, people who track their diet and exercise have better results than those who don’t. Many bookstores sell workout logs, or you can keep it simple and use a notebook. Strive to record your diet and exercise daily. Not only will it help you keep yourself accountable, it can motivate you.

When you feel like you are in a slump, read through your log. You will see the improvements you’ve gained each week. Slow weight loss is hard to see each day. Keeping track of your weight and measurements is a great motivational tool.

If you struggle with your diet, your log will often show you that healthy meals lead to better workouts. Your log can also help remind you to take supplements and to drink enough water each day.

Keep your goal handy

Keep your goal in front of you. Write your goal on post-it notes and place them around your home and work. Change your email password to your goal. If you’re my goalswanting to achieve a six pack, keep a picture of it around. If you’re wanting to run a marathon, keep the registration form posted. Download and use one of the many popular fitness apps.

The more you see and think about your goal, the more you will want to achieve it.

Block time out each day to work towards your goal. Write it down on your calendar or program it into your phone’s alarm. Keep a gym bag packed and healthy meals handy.
The easier it is to head to the gym or eat, the more likely you will stay on track.

Know that you will have bad days

We’ve all been there, days where it’s just not possible to workout. You may get sick, your boss needs you to stay late or family obligations happen. Recognize that these days will happen and allow them to happen. Pick up your routine the next day.

The longer you wait, the more likely you will lose your motivation. So make sure that you get back on track after a bad day.

Making a commitment to workout everyday is impossible, making a commitment to workout each day that you can is achievable. Let the bad days happen then regroup and start again.

Remember the end benefits

There will be days or even weeks where your workouts are tough and tiring. You may go out to eat with friends and have to pass on fattening foods.

get off your butt and work outRemember the end benefits.

Achieving a lean physique is a great goal, but it comes with great benefits. Those who are fit are less likely to succumb to diseases. Those who exercise regularly have a better outlook on life.

Healthy living slows the ageing process. Those tough workouts will pay off big in the end.

Here are 50 more reasons to exercise, so get started now & stay on track if you want a fit and healthy body! Good luck!

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