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8 Motivational Tips to Get You Off Your Butt & Stay On Track!

Everyone wants to have a fit and lean body. Yet only a few have it. What separates the two? It’s simple, it’s motivation. Motivation is what keeps you going to the gym or running the extra mile. It is what keeps

Fitness Goals: Why We Throw In The Towel Too Quickly

We’re well into 2015 now, and if you have long since abandoned your new year’s resolution to get in shape, I want to get to the root cause of the problem. Essentially, we will look at what didn’t go to plan,

Tips To Overcome Those Winter Workout Blues

Even if you live where the climate is relatively mild, winter will see the sun retreat and your days shorten. Everyone feels the lack of sun. Although many people suffer a form of the blues that goes beyond low moods and

Shaqx’s Bodybuilding Motivation Video

Check out the new bodybuilding motivation video from Shaqx! Watch this video before going to the gym to make sure you are totally ready for some heavy ass weight pumping.

Mental Strategies For Gym Success

Start at the Beginning • Plan this out. Don’t just start training and exercising without having a goal in mind. Figure out ahead of time exactly where you want to go with this. • Adhere to the Delayed Gratification Method: Work

Arnold gives a rare interview about Pumping Iron

In this rare interview footage, Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about his Pumping Iron movie. The interview was first released to Crave to help promote the newly remastered HD version of Pumping Iron. In this short clip, Arnold reflects on how his

Mike Rashid – Why You Don’t Need a Gym To Work Out

In this video, Mike Rashid explains why you really don’t need a gym to work out. You can just use mother nature for all your training needs. “No reason to not get a good workout even though there is no good gym

How To Beat Procrastination – A solution for “I’ll do it tomorrow”

Have you ever planned to exercise, but didn’t get to it that day? You promised yourself you would try to work out later, or tomorrow. Then when tomorrow came, you got caught up in something else, or just decided you needed

The Unique Journey Of Drew Manning

As a personal trainer, Drew Manning made the decision to embark on a unique journey that lasted an entire year.  He did this so that he could understand some of his clients better.  At the start of the journey he was

Lazar Angelov’s Body Transformation

In this video the famous fitness model Lazar Angelov shows us how he went from a skinny young man to a muscular Greek god with mind-blowing physique. Lazar Angelov is definitely an inspiration for all of us who are trying to
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