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Get Swoll – The Bodybuilding Song by Constantine ft. Rich Piana

Constantine (a.k.a Big Con) made an epic bodybuilding song featuring Rich Piana. Turn up your speakers & listen to “Get Swoll” below! Big Con is currently working on more songs so follow Rich Piana on Youtube to stay up to date!

Jacques Sayagh Takes Street Workouts To A New Level

Meet Jacques Sayagh, a French homeless bodybuilder who takes working out to a whole new level. Check out the video and see how he prepares for competition while living in the street. The video isn’t in English but it proofs that

Body Parts Girls Care About

Do girls like muscles? Yes they do and now we know what body parts girls care about the most in a man. It looks like it’s time to work on those shoulders guys!

Shocking: How Supplement Companies Create Before And After Photos In Only 5 Hours!

In this video Furious Pete demonstrates how supplement companies fool us with before and after transformation photos created in only 5 hours! It takes a lot of sweat blood and tears to transform your body and keep it there, but by

Robert Oberst and his 20,000 calories a day strongman diet

Strongman Robert Oberst (aka Obie) eats 20,000 calories a day and has still time to pick up girls at the gym. 🙂 Watch his video and see how he clears the whole meat section at the grocery store. About $450 later,

20 Images Turned Wildly Inappropriate By Adding A Brazzers Logo

A few weeks ago Reddit users were asked to add the logo from the popular porn site Brazzers into seemingly innocent images. See below how one little logo can make a big difference. 1. Strange behavior on a soccer field 2.

Craigslist Poster Gets Trolled Hard When Looking For Gym Equipment

Craigslist can be a great place if you wanna get gym equipment cheap, but this kid named Anthony gets trolled hard when all the wanted was some free equipment for his parent’s garage. Check out what happened: His original ad:  

10 Crazy Workout Fails Caught On Camera

Ah, the gym. Never a better place to find enthusiastic newbies inventing the craziest exercises. Here are 10 wacky workout fails caught on camera: 1. The Pretzel Press 2. The Split Assisted Pull-Up 3. The Skinny Leg Press 4. Spotter on Top (no
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