How To Prevent And Treat Lower Left Back Pain From Weight Lifting

lower left back painMillions of people in different parts of the world suffer from pain in the left side of the back. In my experience, lower back pain is difficult to diagnose. This is why many patients visit clinics, consult experts and have different laboratory tests done without getting a solution to their problem.

If you are in this category of people, I have good news for you. The first step is to get a proper diagnosis done. Once you know the cause of the problem, you can easily get a solution to the problem.

Causes of Lower Left Back Pain

One of the reasons for the difficulty in diagnosing this condition is that it has many causes. Your left back pain may be caused by muscle imbalance, kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome or other medical conditions. Now, let us look at these common causes and discuss each one briefly.

Muscle Imbalance

In many cases, pain in the lower left side is caused by muscle imbalance. If your back muscles are not properly aligned, this will cause pain and discomfort. The point here is that taking pain killers will not solve the problem. Your doctor needs to find out what is causing the muscle imbalance and deal with it. This is more effective than treating the pain which is just a symptom.

Muscle Imbalance Treatment

This condition can be treated in a number of ways. Your doctor may use the tried-and-tested muscle balance therapy. This treatment option is very effective and the good thing about it is that you can get treated in the comfort of your home. You can also opt for simple and inexpensive options like physiotherapy and regular massage. Note that you should not experiment with self medication for your lower left back condition. All treatment options must be prescribed by a qualified medical expert so that you will get the right results.

Kidney Stones

Fortunately for you, this one is relatively easy to treat. If you have kidney stones, the pain will be accompanied by obvious symptoms like blood in the urine and pain while urinating. A simple urinalysis can confirm that you have kidney stones and once this condition is treated, the pain disappears.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Sometimes, lower back pain can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome or intestinal disorders. If the pain is accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting, you may be reacting to certain foods. In this case, your doctor should carry out the right tests so that the problem will be solved.

Other Lower Left Back Pain Causes

You already know that left back pain has many causes. Apart from the ones discussed above, other left back pain causes include fibroid tumors, peptic ulcer, poor sitting position and bad posture. Slouching and using the wrong work station can also lead to lower back pain. Know this and be sure to use a chair that is friendly to your back.

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain

There is no point in treating lower back pain when you can simply prevent this condition. The good news is that taking the steps below will help you prevent lower left back pain and practically stop this condition in its tracks.

Moderate Exercise

Moderate exercise is one of the best things you can do to prevent lower back pain. Sometimes, this condition is caused by stiff joints and lack of adequate exercise. Now, you do not have to train to Olympic standards. Simple exercises like stretching, yoga, brisk walking and push-ups will help you maintain a strong and healthy spine.

sleeping bodybuilderSleep Well

In this context, sleeping well does not mean you should sleep like a baby. Sleeping well is just a series of simple “dos and don’ts” to protect your back. Do not sleep on very hard mattresses but then you should also avoid very soft and exhausted mattresses. In addition, you should use pillows the right way and avoid sleeping positions where your back is placed at an awkward angle.

Final word

Lower left back pain is an inconvenience that we body builders do not need. You want to live an active and healthy life so your best bet is to stop back pain in its tracks. Prevent lower back pain and enjoy your life to the max.

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