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Is Your Sugar Craving Killing You? Six Tips To Enjoy A Healthy Craving-Free Life!

A 2012 Gallup Poll discovered that the average American man weighs around 196 pounds, a 16 pound jump as compared to a similar poll done in 1990. Not surprisingly, a 2012 study found that an average American consumes 156 pounds of

How To Strengthen Your Knees And Prevent Knee Pain

If you suffer from excruciating knee pain, you are not alone. According to figures from a Gallup-Healthways study, 26% of people in the US suffer from this condition. Some of the common causes of this pain include muscular imbalances, over use of

The Ultimate Guide To Stretching

I have seen many bodybuilders committing the cardinal mistake of thinking that muscle building is all about heavier weights and tougher repetitions. There is no doubt that weightlifting is an integral part of body building, However, that does not mean you

Best Ways To Boost Metabolism

For many men, slow metabolism leads to weight gain in the most undesirable places, particularly around the midsection of the abdomen. Often, this is a result of genetics or a combination of genetics and lifestyle. But, there is hope for men

How To Do Strength Training After 35

Once you discover the first gray hair, making changes in some parts of your life may be more important than buying your first bottle of hair color for men. If you are into hard strength training and fitness, a few definite

How To Prevent And Treat Lower Left Back Pain From Weight Lifting

Millions of people in different parts of the world suffer from pain in the left side of the back. In my experience, lower back pain is difficult to diagnose. This is why many patients visit clinics, consult experts and have different

How To Avoid Gym Germs

A fomite is essentially an inanimate object that an infected individual can contaminate then it acts as an infection source for others.  Solid, non-porous objects such as door handles, counters and elevator buttons are the best fomites.  Once infected with gym

How To Relieve Elbow Pain From Lifting

Elbow pain is a common result of many physical activities. It isn’t limited to those who play tennis, baseball, or sports that require swinging. It can also be the result of pushing, pulling, or lifting. Whether you use the weight bench
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