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The Role Of Carbs And Anabolic Nutrients In Bodybuilding

If your goal is packing on muscle, carbohydrates and anabolic nutrients can assist you in your endeavors. However, carbohydrates can also result in additional body fat, depending on how much you eat and when. Below is some valuable information on this

The Effect Of Protein Timing On Muscle Growth

Almost every bodybuilder understands the vital role protein plays in building muscles. However, there are diverging views on the right time to ingest protein and related supplements. For instance, some bodybuilders swear doing so pre-workout and post-workout is beneficial while others

How Restricting Your Eating Time Can Transform Your Fitness

Intermittent fasting will provide you with many health benefits including improving your sensitivity to insulin, helping your body to burn fat for fuel effectively, increasing your overall energy levels, and increasing your mental clarity. If you have agonized for years about

Does Alcohol Affect Muscle Growth?

When I first started working out, I never concerned myself with questions like does alcohol affect bodybuilding. At the time, alcohol and bodybuilding side effects were not widely discussed, so I did not consider this to be particularly important. As a

Why You Don’t Always Feel Sore After A Workout

The way you feel after a workout can sometimes vary, especially from person to person. One of the first things that many gym goers notice is that they will feel sore after some exercises, but not after others. “I don’t feel

The 3 Main Body Types Explained

It is important to understand your body type in order to plan your diet program and muscle building training. This is because a person’s body type influences how he/she responds to training and diet. When the muscle-building bug first bit me,

How To Protect Your Joints Before, During And After Exercising

If you have been working out for a while, you understand the importance that your joints have in your ability to keep training hard. When your joints are not operating at their peak, the ability to perform certain exercises and lift

More Ways You’re Messing Up Your Metabolism

That double cheeseburger with extra bacon and a heap of golden fries at lunch, along with a lack of a good workout routine, are some of the most common causes for knocking your metabolism out of a healthy rhythm. Even those

5 Fitness Apps That Will Keep You Healthy

Although technology is everywhere, it might not have occurred to you until recently that it could play a part in your fitness regime. However, technology is now taking over here as well, bringing some very welcome developments. One of these is

How to Warm Up Properly Before Working Out

We all want to be physically fit and trim. This is the way to go because being trim and fit is great for your self-esteem and even better for your health. The only problem is that there is no way you
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