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Back And Biceps Workout Program For HUGE Gains (+ Tips)

Ask any good trainer to recommend a great back and biceps workout that will show instant results

60 Delicious Pre And Post Workout Snacks

For most of us fitting in a workout into our busy schedule can be quite a challenge.

How To Get Shredded By Summer

With summer rapidly approaching, you might be considering your current physique and wondering how you will look

Build Muscle Mass The Right Way – Avoid These 5 Mistakes

If you wanna gain serious muscle mass you should know that building muscle can be frustrating at

Kyle Leon – Customized Fat Loss Review

If you are ready to get rid of unwanted fat once and for all, Kyle Leon’s customized
Ben Pakulski Mi40

Ben Pakulski’s Mi40 Review : The 40 Day Muscle Builder

Developed by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski (photo), the Mi40 workout program is not a typical training

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The Ultimate Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Who needs a gym when you have a perfectly simple and intense workout you can do right at home? With a variety of workout gear in your arsenal, no tool is quite as versatile or convenient as dumbbells. It does not

Is A Bad Workout Better Than No Workout?

For most fitness enthusiasts, nothing damages motivation more than having a bad training session. This could come as a result of going into a session with high expectations, only to fall short in a certain area, like lifting for instance. Or

Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed Review

Whether for health or a competition or both, anyone interested in bodybuilding must absolutely read “Bodybuilding Revealed” by Will Brink. Here’s my five-star Bodybuilding Revealed review… The Basics of Why I Highly Recommend It I wish this book had been around

5 Inexpensive And Quick Low Carb Meals

Low carb meals are often sought out, for those who want to lose weight. But, finding suitable recipes can be a challenge. Some dishes may be more complicated, for those with minimum cooking skills. Others require costly ingredients and can put

Is Overtraining A Myth?

Millions of people around the world have invested heavily in their fitness. Most of them have gym memberships while others have militaristic discipline in their workout routine. The vast majority of fitness enthusiasts get nutrition and workout tips online. They watch

The Ultimate Strength And Conditioning Workout

For years, split training had been the most popular workout approach even among bodybuilders. However, this training style has one major shortcoming: development of muscles that are not functional in real world situations. For this reason, there is a growing shift

Are You Making These Common Squat Mistakes?

It’s human to err. You, myself and everyone around has made mistakes. And mistakes tend to surface while squatting too. Squatting is among the most rigorous and effective workouts for the lower body, if done right. In addition to involving glutes

What Are The Best Back Building Exercises?

If you’d like a thick, wide and strong rear, then seriously look into the chances of doing these workouts and exercises. When I first started, my gym sessions were similar to most other guys on the floor, who wanted to get

The Role Of Carbs And Anabolic Nutrients In Bodybuilding

If your goal is packing on muscle, carbohydrates and anabolic nutrients can assist you in your endeavors. However, carbohydrates can also result in additional body fat, depending on how much you eat and when. Below is some valuable information on this

My Experience With Layne Norton’s PHAT Workout Program

The Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training or PHAT workout program is notable, in that it combines bodybuilding and powerlifting training techniques. For those who are unfamiliar with weight training workouts, powerlifters normally lift heavier weights with a lower number of repetitions, to


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